The Added Touch

I have the privilege of teaching a bible study class to 4-5 year olds every Tuesday morning. My own children have been through this program and I love how the teaching it done. I’ve always wanted to be trained in this program and now I get to bring the book of John – real life stories about Jesus – to little kids. Jesus says bring the little children unto me so I know it’s a precious age and I understand the impact it makes. Jacob used to quote verses from this study at a young age. Blaire used to sing the hymns and Zoe learned discipline all from the way the program is designed.

Every other week I get to teach the story part of our structured morning. This week is my turn and I teach on John 13. The story of when Jesus washes his disciples feet. Not a glamorous passage. Feet aren’t lovely and even though I get pedicures regularly (bless my friend who does this kind of service) I don’t love to flaunt my feet. People are usually conscientious about that part of their anatomy (among many) and therefore definitely don’t enjoy people touching them. This is why this gesture was truly an act of love. See the disciples were reclined at the table and leaning close to Jesus for this special Passover meal. Unlike the classic last supper picture you see. Pretty sure all these ‘Fisherman friends’ and hard working men didn’t have the manners to keep their feet out of the way of another. I mean food was involved so I would guess politeness went out the window. But Jesus lovingly took the time to show His love for others. That’s the main truth I’m teaching the kids. People who love Jesus are to care for one another. Now one disciple did protest. Peter said, “no Lord, you shall never wash my feet.”  There’s another lesson there in Jesus’ response that I won’t get into.   Remember I’m teaching little ones so focusing on one main truth.  Also, let’s remember that not all His disciples were loving.  Jesus knows Judas is soon to betray Jesus and he lovingly washes his feet too. It’s not always easy to serve others, that’s for sure.
I love the part when it says Jesus dried their feet with a towel that was around this waist. This made me think of a car wash. This is something every kid loves. Going through the sudsy car wash and then the rinse cycle. But as a customer just getting the dirt off isn’t why I’m there. I want my car to shine so I only go to the car wash that has a person or two that dries the car off. They buff away the wet marks and my car looks like new again. That added touch is worth a couple of bucks to say thank you. Jesus, too, always gives us that added touch.
So I will bring a couple of dolls and wet ones. The kids can each wash the dolls feet and then dry them with a towel. A job well done. This week I want my 4-5 year olds to think of how they can go above and beyond in serving. Is it listening extra carefully? Is it loving their baby brother or sister or helping their mom with chores? What will I do this week? What’s the uncomfortable task God is asking you to do? I haven’t thought of one yet but I know if I sit here long enough in silence He will reveal one to me.
I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. John 13:15.
Sing it to London Bridge for fun. That’s how the kids will learn it this week.

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