About Me

My family has been expanding and I love it.  Scott and I were born and raised in Canada but since he acquired an American passport through his mother we decided to move over the border and start a new life in Michigan.  Although our first two kids were born in Canada they grew up American.  I homeschooled for a few years and then they moved on to christian school and then public school.  We saw God’s hand directing all these big moves but were surprised at His next ask.  Adoption threw us off of ‘our’ plan and we are so glad we listened.  Zoe is from Ethiopia and she is a delight to everyone who meets her.  She is funny, inquisitive  and we cannot imagine our lives without her.  She is the most traveled little 6 year old having been to Disney, British Columbia, Mexico, St. Marten, Jamaica, many states and Australia all in three shorts years!  I think all my kids are extraordinary.  Jacob is engaged to Rachel and she fits in with our crazy crew just fine.  Blaire is taking a gap year and so we will be left alone with a 6 year old.  We seek to follow God’s leading to a new city and have no clue what new adventures He has for us.  Ephesians 1:11-14 sums up how I was raised and how I want to live out my life.  Living for my inheritance in Heaven.