I hate it when I hear myself teach Zoe a lesson about envy and greed and my words echo in slow motion right back at me. Like a slow motion punch to the face while I yell ‘noooooo’, and try to move out of the way to avoid the blow. Ugh! Why must I be a mom that preaches but has to practice it as well?

I posted the other day on Facebook that I was obsessed with a new app Pinterest. Ok I know it’s not new to you but I like to see how things pan out for people before I jump on the bandwagon. Look I’m not so great at computer stuff. I know it’s far from attractive when I throw my phone or iPad down like a 5-year-old when I don’t know how to navigate an app or heck even just call a person. I never want to blog about the fights Scott and I have over me being upset with computer issues. As therapeutic as that sounds it’s not pretty so let’s skip it. But I’ve digressed. See I don’t even want to talk about the bible lesson and me having to change a bit.

I have a problem with the obsession part of anything social media or for a lack of a better word Hollywood. I’ve been known to go all ‘Tom Cruise’ while watching a riveting episode of Survivor in front of the whole family (true story). Jumping up and down on my living room couch for everyday people to win a million dollars? Why?

So Zoe wakes up this morning and is still admiring the works of a new hair dresser we invited to our home yesterday. Four hours of work and lots of tears (and I mean LOTS) she finally has straight hair. She remarks, ‘my friends won’t believe it because they have asked me when am I going to have straight hair’. Wait just a minute. You are 6 years old and I know we have agonized over doing your hair but it’s on your mind like a lot? Dare I ask, is she obsessed? The envy of having hair like her sister is real. She hates that her hair is curly yet so many people admire my work and the styles we come up with every two weeks. Amateur at best, we do alright and she thanks me after every hair episode. But all the while wanting hair like her white friends. I do it all the time too. At age 46, I still find a picture of some celebrity and bring it to my hair stylist and say, ‘work your magic’. I know it will take magic to transform me into Jennifer Gardner but hey, I dream. But seriously, am I on my new-found love, Pinterest, pinning all the dreams I hope to achieve, too much? And these are the words that came out of my mouth that circled back and smacked me in the face …..’Zoe, when we complain and envy and want what we don’t have we are saying to God that we are ungrateful for all He has provided!’ Ouch! When we are investing more time with a relationship on TV then we are with our own, our husbands will feel it. When we ‘pin’ all our worldly obsessions and not highlighting Gods word we will be unbalanced. I see a living room and have to have the couch, blanket draped over said couch, perfect fireplace and heck even the perfect family portrait over the fireplace. (You laugh but you have thought it.) I’m all for getting ideas for a remodel or new house. I’m in that market so I have to look. I seriously have to monitor how long I go on any social media and weigh in how much time I’m pouring into my kids and family.   I want to be the example of adoring what God has given me and strive for what He plans for my life. Hanging off of His words rather than Joanna Gaines is probably best (and we know she would agree). IMG_1682

So, happy pinning life moments you make today with your loved ones and all the while giving thanks to God. A good read is Psalm 103. …praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-…

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